Photo: K.Mitchell

mission statement: "to promote and FURTHER education in the field of

erosion and sediment control in alberta."

For the field course the site was divided into several plots which suppliers applied their hydromulch product either pre-mixed with the seed mix or after the seed mix was applied to the ground. With so any mulch products applied this site will serve as a study plot where progress of the different products will be documented over the next several months and potentially years. Stay tuned for more photos of the progress and the plot layout map of the products.

Post-install site conditions on July 18, 2016.

Photos: G.Losier

Alberta Erosion Control Association

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UNDERCOVER: Introductory and Advanced Training and Field Methods in Erosion and Sediment Control

AECA along with the ALIDP held a successful 2 day ESC course event this past June in Calgary which saw over 150 participants and suppliers attend. During the Field Site course participants were introduced to ESC measures and different suppliers were on site installing these which included hydromulches, fibre logs, erosion blankets, and hard armour. See photos below from the event and including pre-install and post-install photos of the course site.  

Past Events

Pre-install site conditions on May 16, 2016.